BENS BLOG And then there was 1

first_imgThe thieves.Those who collude with Punters.The hissy-fitters.The criminally-incompetent.The Work-Life-Balance Mafia.The pathologically lazy.The mentally-weak who repeatedly impose themselves on me.Those with degrees, educated way beyond their intelligence deserves.The druggies.The slovenlies.And of course; those who always know-more. SHE SWEPT THEM ALL ASIDE.1 rose to the top. 1 who only wants to learn and follow instructions. Who understands everything first time. A perfectionist. Who NEVER MOANS.Today, before going home, I am flying to Minnesotta to pay homage, to the Greatest Star Sports Staff of All Time. Pam Herou started doing the statements, on a Monday morning, and now makes some of the most crucial decisions in the company. THE AMERICAN.Pam, step forward.For services to showing-up Pampered White English Staffs.Pam Herou = NOT-STAFF.Over and out, B xlast_img