As within so without

first_imgHe seems desperate to search the reflection of self, in the blue water below. The artist Madan Lal leaves it to the viewers to follow the quest and find the answer to the reflection that eludes like a mirage.The artist used symbols of organic elements like floral patterns, egrets, lotus, germination of seeds, among other, to find their place along with the fast pace of technology symbolized by the steering wheel, globe, kettle, glasses, watches. Each canvas is like a book which in the initial glance attracts with a visual appeal, but when looked at more closely requires an attentive mind, to understand many interwoven aspects and elements, that could range from mundane life to a spiritual seeking. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’One of his paintings titled Face within – 3, depicts the human face, time and again, stands out from the crowd comprising of everyday elements symbolized by the kettle, glasses, germinating plants, geometric patterns are seen.Lal’s works do not have any melancholic effect and are rather visually very appealing. Moreover, his works are a kaleidoscope of life experiences that always find their space in some nook or corner of his composition. When asked about the inspiration behind the works the artist quotes famous writer Khalil Gibran ‘Whenever I come to the fountain to drink, I find the living water itself thirsty.’When: Till 10 NovemberWhere: Shridharni Art Gallerylast_img