Watch ESA NASA Celebrate 20 Years of the ISS

first_imgStay on target Russia’s Humanoid Robot Returns Safely to EarthCIMON Returns to Earth After 14 Months on ISS The International Space Station turned 20 this week, and ESA celebrated with a stunning timelapse video from outer space.The European Space Agency on Monday released a 15-minute movie, featuring more than 21,000 images of Earth.Captured by German astronaut and current station commander Alexander Gerst, the photos have been stitched together and sped up 12.5 times.“Join us as we celebrate 20 years of international collaboration and research for the benefit of Earth with ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst’s longest timelapse yet,” the agency wrote in a video description.The beautiful clip, set to a score by LA-based musician Matt Piper, takes viewers on a journey from Tunisia, across Beijing, and through Australia in two round trips.Follow the station’s location using the map in the top right corner of the screen, alongside annotations on the images themselves.Two years after the ISS was born, NASA astronaut Bill Shepherd and cosmonauts Yuri Gidzenko and Sergei Krikalev became the first crew to live on board.In the decades since, a rotating catalog of crew members have taken spacewalks, conducted experiments, and made history.“Since the very first module Zarya launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome on Nov. 20, 1998, the International Space Station has delivered a whole new perspective on this planet we call home,” ESA said.The three astronauts who call the ISS home, meanwhile, commemorated the 20th anniversary with a special video dispatch, released Monday by NASA.In a joint message from Gerst, Roscosmos flight engineer Sergey Prokopyev, and NASA flight engineer Serena Aunon-Chancellor, the astronauts share a vision of progress and hope.“Seven billion humans live on planet Earth, three humans live in space right now,” Gerst said. “We are from different continents, we are friends. We are here for you. We are your eyes, looking down on this beautiful planet.“Here we are in the most complex machine that humanity has ever built. But this didn’t just happen by itself,” he continued. “Humans built this with their visions and with their hands. And we could not have built it if we didn’t throw international discrepancies aside and get together [at] a global level.”Participate in ISS celebrations on social media using the hashtag #SpaceStation20th.More coverage on Builds Spider-Like Lander, Launches Strange Science to ISSAstronaut, Cosmonaut ‘In Good Condition’ After Emergency LandingDrew Feustel Says Goodbye to ISS With Stirring Songlast_img