Monster Hunter Costumes Coming to Street Fighter V

first_imgStay on target More Horizon Zero Dawn DLC Comes to Monster Hunter: World Next WeekStreet Fighter V: Arcade Edition We Should Have Gotten This Years Ago The worlds of Monster Hunter and Street Fighter are about to collide! Capcom has announced that, starting next month, players will be able to unlock Monster Hunter-inspired costumes in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. The costumes are specific to Ken, R. Mika, and Ibuki and are based on the Rathalos, Zinogre, and Kirin armors from Monster Hunter.As explained over at Capcom-Unity, the costumes can only be obtained by playing through Battle Mode and purchased with Fight Money. Every month, there will be a new Crossover Costume to nab. Each costume requires players to complete four challenges that take place in the span of a month (one challenge per week). One must spend 10,000 FM to get all of the armor pieces for a single character, provided they can finish the challenges in one go. The challenges are only available for a limited amount of time, so Capcom is encouraging players to log into Street Fighter V each week to complete them.Things don’t end after getting all of the armor pieces, either. You can always replay the challenges to earn bonus rewards that will be listed once the Extra Battle Mode begins. Players can continue earning bonus rewards as many times as they desire. Of course, that means they’ll have to pay the entrance fee each time. All three of these Extra Battle Challenges overlap, so you’ll want to plan out a strategy for how you’ll get them. This is no different than planning for a hunt in Monster Hunter.Capcom posted all of the dates the Monster Hunter armor pieces are available over on Capcom-Unity. They note that dates and times are subject to change unexpectedly. The company is pretty good about keeping fans informed, so follow them on Twitter to stay updated in case anything changes regarding these costumes.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img