Yes You Too Can Learn Kanji With This Candy Poo Inside of

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. New Zealand Scientists Find Random USB Stick in Frozen Seal PooPoo Power Charges Up This Dairy Farmer’s Feed Truck Stay on targetcenter_img Have you ever learned anything from a pile of poop? You just might, if you’re working with Professor Poop, a cartoonish piece of poo that Japanese learners are bonkers for. Back in the spring, publisher Bunkyosha put together the Unko Kanji Drill (Poop Kanji Drill), a set of educational books with special assignments to help little learners figure out kanji. The picture-related writing system in Japan is difficult to learn as it is, but poop-centered sentences and funny, silly writing helps kids figure it out a little easier. Over 2.76 million copies were created thus far, making Unko-sensei, or Professor Poop, an extremely popular little piece of excrement.Now Professor Poop has his own line of candy. And yes, it looks like small poop swirls. The Unko Kanji Drill Gummies are on sale in Japan in various different colors, flavored like soda and colored in bright pinks, yellows, and other fun hues. Each package of the gummies comes with several practice sentences to read and write kanji with, so it’s still worth learning while you down little pieces of candy poop.via’s also a series on December 12 launching based on the same poopy character: Unto Kanji Drill Soft Candy, individually wrapped candies with a yogurt and grape flavor with even more kanji drill practice on the wrappers. If you’re hanging out in Japan, you can find these silly candies all over the country at various convenience stores wherever you go for a dollar or two, which is something you’re definitely going to want to do.The best part of having these candies is that you can say you’ve got little colorful, sweet pieces of poop in your pocket for snacking whenever you’re ready. And then you can whip out your Professor Poop sweets and laugh while you and your friends have a healthy snack of poo. It’ll seriously be delicious.last_img