10 Ideas for Your Doctor Who Season 10 Premiere Party

first_imgAin’t no party like a Doctor Who premiere party.After a year-long hiatus, Peter Capaldi returns on April 15 for his final series as the Twelfth Doctor.Joined next Saturday by companions Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) and Nardole (Matt Lucas), the Time Lord will face familiar foes and make plenty of new enemies.Season 10 kicks off with “The Pilot,” set to air on BBC America at 9 p.m. ET (followed directly by spin-off Class at 10:10 p.m.).Your friends have RSVP’d. Your DVR is set to record. Your cosplay outfit is hanging in wait. Now there’s only one thing left to do.Check out our roundup of Doctor Who-themed party treats and trimmings to make and buy in preparation for this weekend’s big event.FOOD/DRINKTO MAKE:Fish fingers and custardNew mouth, new rules. Shortly after regenerating and landing in Amelia Pond’s garden, the Eleventh Doctor finds his sweet spot: fish custard. As adults, Amy, Rory, and the Doctor enjoy a meal of fish sticks dipped in creamy pudding during the Year of the Slow Invasion. But you can serve up a substitute using sugar cookies or vanilla basil cake disguised as frozen food.TikkidoAdipose popsAdipose—those cuddly cherubs that convert hair, bones, and other bodily material into blubber—look good enough to eat. And now you can. The hand-sized, marshmallow-shaped vermin lend themselves to snacking. But remember: This time, the fat won’t just walk away. (In fact, the sugar-based confections will probably go right to your hips.)Doctor Who CocktailsTARDIS-tini, The Rose Tyler, The Master, and other aperitifsBanana daiquiris and Sonic Screwdrivers may be the Doctor’s drinks of choice. But there is a whole universe of cocktails to woo your guests and liven up the night. The Doctor Who Cocktails blog hasn’t been updated since June 2014, but the archives provide a treasure trove of ideas, including the Ginger Mimosa (Donna Noble), The Grandfather (First Doctor), and The Spoiler (River Song).TO BUY:Jelly BabiesWould you like a Jelly Baby? The patently British snack was first consumed by the Second Doctor, but became most associated with Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor, who had a predilection for offering them to strangers in an effort to defuse tense situations. The Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors have done the same.Jammie DodgersSelf-destruct button or delicious British biscuit? The Jammie Dodger—made from shortbread, with a raspberry or strawberry jam filling—is a favorite of the Eleventh Doctor, who once tried to outsmart the Daleks with the tasty treat. You can make your own version of the sandwich cookie, or just order a box online.BananasAlways take a banana to a party.DECORATIONSTO MAKE:TikkidoBow tie napkinsBow ties are cool. And so are these bow tie-shaped napkins—which are super easy to make (you’ll need square paper napkins and matching satin ribbon, scissors, and tape), and even double as an Eleventh Doctor costume in a pinch.F-APopcorn buckets & cupcake wrappersEven if your guests don’t dress up, your food can. These printables turn popcorn or chips into a dapper Doctor (Tenth and Eleventh) or diabolical Dalek or Cyberman. And, cover your cupcakes with Dalek or TARDIS patterns for a wibbly-wobbly good time.TO BUY:FunkyFlagsBuntingBunting & bannerTake your Doctor Who decor to the next level with these original wall hangings. Nearly 10 feet of bunting features 12 double-sided flags sewn into a TARDIS-blue binding; loops at each end make for easy hanging. Combine those funky fabrics with the classic look of the Dalek/bow tie/TARDIS/Cyberman banner.OneStopDigitalPhoto booth propsGrab your Polaroid camera (OK, fine—your smartphone) and start snapping with these printable photo booth props. “Dress up” as all 12 Doctors (hair and hats included), or pretend you’re defeating the Daleks with a sonic screwdriver. The pack comes with 30 printable PDF pages, available for instant download.View as: One Page Slides1. Doctor Who Large Party Plates, Set of 8BUY ME!2. Time Traveler Photo Booth Props KitBUY ME!3. Doctor Who Tardis String LightsBUY ME!4. Silicone Ice Cube Tray Tardis & DaleksBUY ME!5. 12th Doctor – Card Face MaskBUY ME!last_img