Martians Can Now Communicate With Amazons Alexa AI Assistant

first_img Geek Pick: Amazon Smart Plug Puts Alexa in Your WallsGeek Pick: Amazon Echo Show 5 Is a Nightstand Alexa Display Stay on target No, you’re not seeing things. Martians really can communicate with Alexa now. Martian smartwatches that is. Actual Martians, not so much.So far, Martian has taken a much more conservative approach to its smartwatch designs than, say, Pebble, Apple, or Samsung. They’ve stuck with traditional analog watch faces augmented by a small “crawl” display nestled just above 6 o’clock.They don’t do touchscreens. Martian’s watches use the crown for input, though some of its watches also let you use an integrated microphone. And now you can use that microphone to interact with Amazon’s AI assistant.Yes, the same Alexa that you may already have come to know and love through your Echo or Echo dot will come to your aid when you call her on your wrist, Dick Tracy-style.It’s a very welcome feature addition by Martian since it gives their users the same kind of functionality that Apple Watch Owners get with Siri and Android Wear users get when they say “OK Google.”Martian isn’t just bringing Alexa to newer watches like the mVoice either. She’s being rolled out to many of their older models, including the G2G, Victory, and Passport — all of which you can pick up for about $80 on Martian’s web outlet if you’re interested in a cheap wearable that comes with a virtual assistant.All of the mVoice watches (the AE, PT, and PTL) are getting Alexa, too. That means you’ll be able to do around 5,000 things you could never do before with your Martian watch as soon as you update the firmware.last_img