Netflix CCO says Canadian broadband pricing borders on a human rights violation

first_imgNetflix has grown rapidly in the past few years, and its subscription service has become one of the biggest chunks of the consumer bandwidth pie chart. For Netflix, growth and profit are inextricably intertwined with bandwidth — and that means with the ISPs and their pricing policies. The company has been vocal in the past about its disdain for caps and overage fees, especially in Canada.Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos took a moment to re-emphasize the company’s feelings recently at the Merrill Lynch Media, Communications, and Entertainment conference in L.A. Sarandos said Internet aceess pricing is “almost a human rights violation.” He went on to add that Canada’s main problem is they have “third-world access to the Internet.”Canada’s ISPs aren’t the only ones who instituted bandwidth caps, of course, but the usage-based billing controversy of 2011 left a bad taste in people’s mouths. And it certainly didn’t do anything to improve the public perception of Canada’s major ISPs.It’s worth knowing that Mr. Sarandos is painting his picture with very broad strokes. Some of us here in Canada are quite happy with our Internet service — and feel like we’re being treated very fairly. Even though I live 600 kilometers from the nearest major center, I’m fortunate enough to have 20Mbps fiber optic service… and I’m not bound by a cap. No, my neighbors and I can watch as many high-def Netflix streams as we like without fear of overages or an unexpectedly high bill. So don’t fret for your Canadian friends: our country’s not quite the third-world Internet warzone Sarandos is making it out to be.But you can’t really fault Sarandos for trying. For Netflix to succeed, it needs customers to have not only $8 per month to spare — but plenty of extra bandwidth. If Sarandos can lob a few verbal Molotov cocktails and get someone in Ottawa’s attention, who knows…maybe eventually it’ll lead to Internet access that’s a little more first-world for everyone.More at GigaOmlast_img