Only two weeks left: Why should you fill out the 2020 Census?

first_imgNamePhone numberAgeDate of birthRace and ethnicity (to name a few) With an identification card in hand stamped by the Department of Commerce, they’ll ask for your: As for why you should fill it out, Behler said it comes down to government representation and federal funding for everything from hospitals to schools to police and infrastructure. Bank account or credit card informationCitizenship statusMoneySocial Security number (WBNG) — With two weeks left to fill out the 2020 Census, officials are reminding New Yorkers of the purpose behind the survey. “This is our once in a decade opportunity to ensure our communities get their fair share of federal funding and their fair share of representation,” said Director for the U.S. Census Bureau’s New York Region Jeff Behler. If you haven’t filled out the census yet, officials said Tuesday you can expect a census taker to make a stop at your home to complete it with you in just minutes. They shouldn’t be coming inside and should be wearing a mask and keeping their social distance. You can fill out the 2020 Census on your own here. Only one person needs to fill out the census and should account for everyone living there. “The number of seats that the state of New York will have in the next congressional delegation will be based upon the 2020 census,” explained Behler. Officials emphasize you won’t be asked for:last_img