Jeff Ament Says Pearl Jam Are ‘Inspired’ To Record A New Album

first_imgWith a major tour coming up for Pearl Jam, including headlining sets at Jazz Fest and Bonnaroo, it’s up to bassist Jeff Ament to get people excited about the tour. In anticipation, Ament gave a big interview with Popmatters, in which he mainly discusses his side-project RNDM, but slips in a few tidbits about Pearl Jam that caught our eye.While Ament previously said that they don’t have specific plans to record an album, the new interview now makes it seem like the group is inspired and eager to get into the studio. “The political answer – we don’t have any plans. Beyond the shows this summer is trying to get into the studio and mess around a little bit. That’s always exciting for me. Everybody’s ready for the challenge and everybody’s ready to do something different. Maybe the last couple of records have been trying a different formula. Everybody’s sort of on board with that. It feels like there’s inspiration, like people are inspired right now. That’s exciting.”He also addressed the fact that 2016 marks Pearl Jam’s 25th anniversary. In the interview, Ament says the band doesn’t have any special plans to mark the occasion, unlike their major celebration in 2011 for the 20th. Read the quote below:“We don’t have any plans for PJ25. And I think largely because PJ20 really does almost feel like it was last year. That’s how fast time goes at this point. Going out and playing shows, having people show up, having our fans be so great and so engaged in the shows—all the shows that we play feel like celebrations. I’m enjoying acknowledging that on stage more than I ever have and really taking that in and being humbled by it. Being really proud of what we’ve created as a band and the decisions that we’ve made. That’s the PJ25 answer.”For the full scoop, head to Popmatters. The band’s full tour schedule can be viewed here.last_img