More than 11000 Guild Wars 2 accounts hacked

first_imgLast week we reported on ArenaNet’s controversial temporary banning of 3000 Guild Wars 2 players and it seems that controversy is following them still. This time, it’s because Guild Wars 2 has become the target of Chinese hackers.The hackers in question have apparently launched a dedicated campaign against the ArenaNet server in an attempt to steal other player’s accounts. So far it’s estimated more than 11,000 accounts have been hacked.ArenaNet is urging its players to use a strong password to avoid falling victim to the attacks. Apparently the hackers have been using forums and fan websites to get a hold of usernames and passwords, so ArenaNet has stated gamers should use a password for Guild Wars 2 which hasn’t been used for anything else. They have also started alerting customers when their account is being used from a different location or on a new computer.Guild Wars 2 accounts can be worth real money, which is probably the reason why these hackers have targeted this particular game. Most of the 11,000+ stolen accounts are apparently back with the original owners now, but since Guild Wars 2 only launched less than two weeks ago, this isn’t a great start for the game.Releasing a game that has bugs, then banning the people who used those bugs for profit as well as experiencing a serious hack just days after launch doesn’t put ArenaNet in a great light. However, it seems they’re doing all that they can by warning players about the attack. Let’s just hope things settle down now and Guild Wars 2 players can actually start focusing on just playing the game.via BBClast_img read more

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