How to dress like England’s glorious leader Gareth Southgate

first_img 6 ‘No, honestly, don’t I look amazing?’ Secondly wear a light blue shirt. Haven’t got one of those either? You can get the official England World Cup shirt from M&S too… Next, you’ll need a tie. This comes in at £25. Finally, and most importantly, the WAISTCOAT! The official M&S one is currently available at a price of £65. 6 We think it’s now time for us to follow his lead and smarten up. So, put the tattered old Three Lions shirt away and get your waistcoat out. Don’t own one? Well, we’re here to help.Marks & Spencer have provided the attire for the England World Cup squad and you can buy Gareth’s entire outfit…You may already have some navy trousers. If you do, well done. If you want to be picky and wear exactly the same ones as Gareth, then you can. They’ll set you back £84. 6 Why does Gareth Southgate wear a waistcoat? England manager’s attire explainedListen to live commentary of Croatia vs England on talkSPORT this Wednesday, kick-off 7pmcenter_img 6 6 Gareth Southgate, what a man he is.England’s true leader is no longer best remembered for sticking a paper bag over his head. No, now he is the most popular man in the country (move aside, David Attenborough), having led England into the semi-finals of the World Cup. Yes, the SEMI-FINALS OF THE FREAKING WORLD CUP!Not only has he achieved this historic feat, but he has done so in style. You won’t see our Gareth in a tracksuit on the touchline. He’s far too classy for that.The 47-year-old only wears waistcoasts (and other clothes, of course, otherwise he’d be naked from the waist down and that would be weird). That’s it! Now get yourself sorted, sit back, relax, crack open the beers – Gareth likes to unwind with a few beers at a weekend – and watch England ease into the World Cup final in style. 6 Doesn’t he look good? last_img read more

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