Weather Eye Fair weather we enjoyed Wednesday will hold through next week

first_imgPatrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at Wednesday was almost perfect with afternoon temperatures in the mid-60s, a little above normal. The high in Vancouver as of 5 p.m. was 66 degrees. We are getting into that time of the year when a day’s high temperature could come after 5 p.m.That northwest wind was on the windy side, too, with plenty of whitecaps on Vancouver Lake. I wouldn’t want to be out in a kayak with those waves. The Columbia River had its share of white caps, as well, but that didn’t deter the sailboats and even a couple of windsurfers. Still, I bet that water is on the chilly side.The next five days look like we’ll enjoy more fair weather, some cloudiness at times. A few of those passing clouds could drop a hit-or-miss shower early next week. Overall, think on the dry side. We have already surpassed the average rainfall for April so we could do without those raindrops, right? For us in the weather business, it will be a quiet period coming up. The first day of May will carry this weather trend forward.When I read books and stories, I always like to see some weather in the story. I am excited to watch “Avengers: Endgame” this evening (early ticket purchase), but one thing I have noticed in the series is that they usually have rather dull weather. I guess they have so much action that they don’t need any more in the way of weather. A movie in 1998, also called “The Avengers,” featured a mad scientist determined to control the world’s weather with his “weather machine.” Now that was a weatherperson’s film to see.last_img read more

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