Concorso Italiano® A Celebration of Italian Style

first_imgConcorso Italiano®, A Celebration of Italian Style™ is pleased to introduce a spectacular new venue. Now led by Tom McDowell, Concorso’s rich 24-year tradition as a leading participant in the festival of automobiles in the Monterey Peninsula will restore the tradition of prior years and continue to be a destination for those passionate about Italian lifestyle, and most importantly, Italian automobiles.The 2009 event will offer new features amidst the beautiful settings of Laguna Seca Golf Ranch, nestled among the oak-studded hillsides of Monterey, providing breathtaking views of gorgeous Central Coast landscapes. While you take in this new setting, you will also find yourself enjoying wonderful food at a reasonable cost, exceptional wine, music, Italian guest commentaries, fashion and scheduled entertainment.Exhibitors and Vendors will be delighted to know they will have their own special entrance route to the golf course. This arrangement keeps them separated from the incoming spectator traffic.Concorso Italiano® is family, it is not pretentious as it is engaging, it is not “watch me” as it is “sit and enjoy some time with me”. Concorso is the place where people want to bring their families, to be around friends and passionate people who love life in its entirety. With that said, listen to one participants experience at Concorso Italiano® a few years ago:“Friday morning comes early, but the butterflies of anticipation are already swirling. As we arrive, the visual pop of the bright cars grabs your attention first. You have entered a different time and place. This is not normal, and you are part of it. As you enter the main drag, you lower your window to hear the concert of engine exhausts, and without exception, goose bumps shriek up your arms. Pulling your car onto a golf course is not a daily event for most of us, and we have spent considerable effort preparing our cars, because this is not just a local car show. The people who will be enjoying your automobile are true enthusiasts. They are educated and appreciative of what is on display. This only happens once a year, and it is happening today.” S.Z. Danville, CA (Porsche)www.concorso.comlast_img read more

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