Terrafab offers 3D printed color model of Norways landscape shipped to your

first_imgThanks to the miracle of 3D printing, you can have your own little slice of Norway without ever leaving home. Simply visit Terrafab and select a section of Norwegian terrain to have 3D printed by Shapeways and mailed to you. This is arguably less fun than going to Norway and obtaining a real piece of it, but it’s quite a bit cheaper.So why Norway? Well, it does have some incredible terrain, covered in deep valleys and watery fjords. Norway’s Mapping Authority also has open data policies which enable the necessary geographic measurements to be placed online.The Terrafab site uses a slick map to select a square piece of the country. The default size of the selection is small when compared to the country as a whole, but you can resize it to cover a much greater area if you want. There is also a search box up top to find a specific place, and a drop down list of major cities.Because the size of the model is always going to be the same 10 x 10cm square, you have to decide if you want more area or more detail. A smaller section of the coastline will result in more dramatic vertical features. A very large section of Norway will have the height of everything scaled down to fit.The model comes fully painted to look like a satellite image of the Norwegian landscape, but it’s not cheap. The cost works out to about $100 for each model. If that’s too steep, you can also download the 3D mesh file for free and mess around in a 3D design program or print it on your own 3D printer.last_img read more

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