Fez soundtrack is full of secrets

first_imgIf you’ve played Fez then you already know that the game has an excellent soundtrack– it’s a synthy, moody, set of 26 chiptune tracks from Disasterpeace. What you probably don’t know is that the soundtrack contains a number of secrets hidden right inside of it. And by “secrets” I don’t mean instructions on how to find a hidden passageway or how to shave seconds off of your speedrun, there are images, text, and even a QR code embedded right in the music.To see the hidden data you’ll have to download the soundtrack — it’s a pay-what-you-want deal with a minimum of $7 — and then open up one of the high-quality audio files (Bandcamp offers MP3 320, FLAC, MP3 VBR, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, and ALAC) in any program with a spectrogram. You have a number of options here, but something like Adobe’s Soundbooth would work, if you are a Creative Suite user (View > Spectral Frequency Display), or you can use Sonic Visualiser, which is free. For Sonic the command is Pane > Add Spectrogram > All Channels Mixed.After that you need to get the timeline and zoom in so you can look at only a few seconds of the track at once, then go to the end of the track. Also, make sure you’re not in the waveform view, that’s totally different than what we need here.Once you’ve gotten the tracks and opened them up you might find something like this…Looks like a QR code… because it is. Keep in mind that this wasn’t fit right into the middle of the track — it would sound like static. All the secret information (that I’ve seen) exists at the end of the tracks.If you are curious, the QR code returns a string of dates:1955 1958 1960 1961 1967 1969 1971 1977 2003 2005 Which might mean something, or it might just be the birth dates of the development team (and their kids), I’m really not sure yet.Here are some more shots from the soundtrack, one of which I optimized in an image editor…fez-cobrafez-cobraFez – Spirit – spectrumcs5_spirit_geekAdobe Soundbooth CS5 – Disasterpeace – FEZ – 21 AgeAdobe Soundbooth CS5 – Disasterpeace – FEZ – 04 ProgressAdobe Soundbooth CS5 – Disasterpeace – FEZ – 02 PuzzleThere are other secrets in the soundtrack, but I won’t spoil them all for you. Keep in mind, it doesn’t seem like all 26 tracks have something to hide.via Gamefaqs and @brandonnnlast_img read more

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