Microsoft refines the Xbox 360 Slim with a hardware update

first_imgThe rumor that Microsoft was to launch a new console at E3 turned out to be just that: a rumor. The gaming conference seemed to be most focused on Kinect titles and the Halo 4 announcement. Now we have more evidence that Microsoft’s focus continues to be the Xbox 360 as another hardware update is planned.Unlike the introduction of the Xbox 360 Slim, which saw the console get a brand new look, this new update is under the hood and wont impact the overall look of the machine. It also marks the first time Microsoft has moved the Xbox 360 architecture to a system-on-chip (SoC) solution.Until now the Xbox 360 has had a separate CPU and GPU on its motherboard. To begin with this was necessary due to the amount of heat being generated by those cutting-edge designs. In fact it ran too hot, or Microsoft didn’t cool it well enough, and lots of them died displaying a Red Ring of Death (RRoD). The console is several years old now, though, and technology has moved on making the chips quite dated in terms of performance. The move to the Slim model showed that it is now possible to produce the 360 internals without the heat and power requirements of the original machine. With this latest update that Slim redesign has now been refined.The SoC solution puts the CPU, GPU, memory, and logic all on one piece of silicon and cooled by one heatsink. This design, based on a 45nm process means, the Xbox consumes less power and produces less heat. It also means there is less that can go wrong making it more reliable.While developing the SoC design is thought to have taken five years and considerable investment, it will be cheaper to manufacture than the old multi-chip system, meaning Microsoft will make more profit on each console sold.The good news for gamers is this new Xbox 360 should run cooler and quieter. Less components also mean the console will be lighter, and it has allowed Microsoft to reduce the size of the power supply brick once again.The only thing that remains to be found out is when exactly this updated machines hits stores and how you can go about ensuring you get one.Read more at IBTlast_img read more

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