GuySuCo needs to improve management team

first_imgDear Editor,After reading the recent article on GuySuco’s poor performance, it is becoming very evident that the company needs to improve the management team. Four facilities are all they need to maintain and to think that the operators’ input is also being neglected in such a small and what should be a close-knit team is quite eye-opening.When I was with my former company, we had 64 facilities to manage globally and every quarter myself and my peers on the executive team would visit each region to review performance and we would ensure we took the time to visit the facilities and walk the floor, ensuring the local team had an opportunity to show us what was happening at their location. This helps one know how the facility is being managed.GuySuco has in the past struggled with only seven to eight facilities and now they are having trouble managing only 4. There is definitely an organisation capability issue and the management team needs to be held accountable for the neglect that is resulting in poor performance. It is unacceptable that not one of the estates can hit their target. I hope the bonus structure reflects pay for performance.As for NICIL, the same holds true. It should be run by a team that has more general management experience that can structure financial instruments correctly at the best rates. Also, teamwork with other entities should not be an issue if they are astute in carrying out their business. If the CJIA project is an example of what to expect then we are awaiting a disappointment. CJIA has failed on all three key project measures. It is late, with major issues that have caused a shutdown to key aspects of its functionality. It has also been over budget even with a reduced scope of work.Those we choose to reward for performance need to demonstrate that they are effective in their current responsibilities. In many circles, people are of the opinion that nepotism is destroying key areas of our economy and as a result the lives of the common man. Only good management practices will be able to reverse this perception.Best regards,Jamil Changleelast_img read more

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